The audio's discovered by Superdeporte regarding comments from the president of Valencia CF, Anil Murhty, also include words about Liverpool, Newcastle or even what Peter Lim, owner of the club, is like. In this sense, the president of Valencia CF makes clear what his opinion is about Peter Lim.

"We have a very clean plan to endure and clean up. Peter is an amateur, that's my problem. He's an amateur (Here is not clear if he wants to say amateur or supporter). I wanted to sell Guedes, Maxi... He said no. (Someone speaks about Aurelio and Salvo promises in 2015). Peter thought the same because he's an amateur. When we lost the last game (Copa del Rey final) ant I still didn't received any messages from Lim. (Se ríe). Es un aficionado", said Anil Murthy.